School of Humanities,Social Sciences & Law


Contact : Xing Peipei

Tel : 13946066369

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The School of Humanities,Social Sciences & Law is the college with the largest concentration of liberal arts community in Harbin Institute of Technology. Its predecessor was the office of political courses, established in 1952. In the early stage of reform and opening, it opened the first undergraduate teaching class of natural dialectics in China for national development, providing strong talent support for the research of natural dialectics. At present, the college has developed into four major categories, including economics, law, literature and art, which consists of the department of sociology, the department of economics, the department of law, the department of Chinese, the department of psychology, the art education center, and nine research institutes. There are 4 undergraduate specialties, 4 first-level master's degree programs, 1 first-level professional master's degree program, 1 first-level doctoral degree program, and 1 second-level doctoral degree program (self-set), forming an overall layout with complete levels of undergraduate, master's and doctor's degree programs and mutual support of various disciplines. It takes full advantage of the interdisciplinary effect of natural science, engineering science and social science. At the same time, the combination of discipline theory and national economic demand has been paid significant attention. Therefore, it has emerged a number of advantageous research fields and characteristic research directions with the HIT symbol. There are 58 full-time teachers, 13 professors and 26 associate professors, including 6 doctoral supervisors and 33 master supervisors. They have won many high-level awards in recent years, such as Baogang Excellent Teacher Award, National Excellent Online Open Course, and first prizes of Provincial Social Science Achievement.

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